Take a Tour of our Studio!

So many of you have asked so here it is! My first blog will be a tour of our studio where all the magic takes place :-) It took over 3 weeks to get it done and it turned out awesome!

Here's the layout of the room:

I store my fabrics in a hand made shelf and in the closet :-)


My sewing machines are located on the other side. Going from one project to the next is super easy.

My Bernina 880 is my work horse :-) There's nothing she can't do....it was love at first sight!

My other machine was one of my first sewing machines...a Bernina 580. I still use it a lot and having them both side to side lets me work on multiple projects at a time.

The center table is for cutting and storage.

I love little details so I filled the room with embroidery hoops! I love supporting small handmade businesses and got all my hoops from Etsy.

Love inspirational quotes as well :-)

My ironing table is located at the end of the room.

And I store extra fabric, books, cutting templates and quilt sets on a side shelf.

Everything in the room has a special meaning to me....it inspires me to create....even the pin holders :)

And of course book upon books....I absolutely love my books! I get so much inspiration from them :)

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the studio....this where all the magic takes place! 

April 15, 2015 by Marcela Araujo
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